Oren’s Special Blend® – SWP Decaf

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full, complex, molasses


Our decaf House Blend has a unique sweetness that’s enhanced by its full body. It consists of ⅓ Colombia, ⅓Sumatra Mandheling and ⅓ French Roast. Each cup is complex yet smooth and is full of flavor subtleties. It’s a longstanding customer favorite. Try it and it might become one of your favorites too. 

We use the Swiss Water Process (SWP) to decaffeinate our coffees. This process is free of the chemicals that many commercial coffee producers use. All it requires is water, a carbon filter, temperature and time to make our signature coffees 99% caffeine free. In addition to being eco-friendly, it also maintains the original flavors of the coffee bean. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tasting Notes

Swiss Water Process is one of the only chemical free decaffeination methods available. The same special flavor of house blend, but more mellow.


Latin America


  1. Emily Strong (verified owner)

    Never really cared for coffee. Thought the sugar and cream made it taste good until I tried Oren’s Special Blend! I drink decaf so now all I drink is Oren’s SWP Special Blend Decaf BLACK! Delicious!

  2. Miriam Forman (verified owner)

    Good coffee

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Oren's Special Blend® - SWP Decaf