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delicate, sweet, round


Our Colombian is five grades higher than a standard 100% Colombian coffee, providing exceptional quality and flavor. This is a fine, delicate and incredibly popular standard decaf.

We use the Swiss Water Process (SWP) to decaffeinate our coffees. This process is free of the chemicals that many commercial coffee producers use. All it requires is water, a carbon filter, temperature and time to make our signature coffees 99% caffeine free. In addition to being eco-friendly, it also maintains the original flavors of the coffee bean. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tasting Notes

A fine, delicate and incredibly popular standard decaf.


Latin America


  1. Michael Shor

    My favorite decaf coffee. The bedt

  2. Rosemarie M Dye (verified owner)

    This has been our go to decaf since the mid 80’s when Oren first opened his shop on the UES. Loved it then and love it now!

  3. sjbell (verified owner)

    Colombian coffee is fantastic and this Orens decaf colombian taste great. I really can’t tell it’s decaf by the taste. I’ve ordered the Sumatran to try next. I’ve read that Oren’s coffee is roasted a little more towards medium rather than light and I really like it. Very rich. lots of sweetness. Balance.

    a little background:
    I love coffee. I love caffeine. But other people don’t love me when I drink caffeine. I talk too much and I get a little impatient. ( okay, Very.) When I drink coffee with caffeine I have this crash that comes in the afternoon around 2pm. Even if I drink caffeine early in the day I have trouble falling asleep at night, and I don’t feel I get good sleep. So I’m trying to drink decaf. Orens is the best decaf I’ve ever tried. I can’t think of a word to describe the taste and aftertaste most decafs I’ve had always have.

    I have been drinking specialty coffee for 40 years. I’ve had a farm in costa rica for 30 years. I used to drink coffee with milk and sugar but once I learned to make pourovers with a V60 I could adjust the grind to make it just the way I like it. I now drink it Black. 500:30

    I watched a video with Oren and he uses a chemex so I got one and I’m loving it!

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Colombia - SWP Decaf