This is one of the most vital yet least favorite letter’s I have to write. It concern’s a price increase for our coffee beans. If you have been following the news you may have read about the frost in Brazil last week. While the true damage is yet to be fully assessed, it seems to have been the most severe frost in decades. Brazil is the world’s largest supplier of coffee by far so if there is any issue there the whole world reacts. While we pay large premiums over the market price, if that price goes up, so does ours. Which brings me to the point of this letter. We must increase our prices by $1.00 per pound in order to merely offset the increased cost to us. I know an increase is always unwelcome, but in order to keep bringing you the world’s finest coffees we must be able to stay in business and this is what is required for us to do so. Thank you for reading this and for being loyal customers of Oren’s Coffee. Yours, Oren & Team

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