La Minita™ Costa Rica

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red fruit, floral, full-bodied


We’ve been buying this coffee directly from the same La Minita farm since the 1980s. It comes from the most famous growing area in Costa Rica and for good reason. This strictly high grown (SHG) coffee is grown at very high elevations on the mountain to provide coffee beans that mature slowly, delivering a sweeter and more complex taste. The La Minita farm is a pioneer in growing specialty grade coffee. Using groundbreaking farming techniques that care for and enrich the soil, this farm delivers extremely high-quality coffee that’s consistently ranked among the best in the world. The fact that this farm also provides housing and medical care for its employees means there’s yet another reason why you can feel good about supporting this socially conscious farm.

Now Rainforest Alliance certified!

Tasting Notes

Sweet and complex.


Latin America
1,200 – 2,200 meters above sea level


  1. quickquant (verified owner)

    This over everything

  2. michael Livanos (verified owner)

    Excellent full bodied but always smooth tasting coffee. I have enjoyed La Minita for several years now. It never disappoints.

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La Minita™ Costa Rica