Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

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lemon zest, ginger, black tea


This washed coffee produced in Yirgacheffe is the favorite of many professional cuppers in the coffee business. Removing all the cherry prior to drying allows the intrinsic flavors of the bean to come out, delivering a clean and vibrant flavor profile. This Yirgacheffe coffee is medium bodied with strong floral and citrus flavors, and may also have hints of nuts, chocolate or wininess.

Tasting Notes

Delicate floral notes permeate this bright and citrusy coffee. From coffee’s birthplace, this varietal offers stunning complexity.


1,700 - 2,200 meters above sea level


  1. Patricia

    Excellent. Waiting for shipment

  2. Marianna Vieira (verified owner)

    This is my favorite coffee and Orens’ version is superb. It’s very silky and smooth and has echoes of both chocolate and red wine. I’ve purchased African coffees elsewhere, but this is be far the best.

  3. Sanjay Ginde (verified owner)

    My daily coffee for a few years now!

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