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clementine, green apple, honey


The City Blend is our lightest roast. It’s blended from two fine varietals in a 70%/30% proportion. The special proportions of this blend create a surprising complexity to this medium-bodied coffee. It’s one of our few blends that is pre-blended before roasting.

Tasting Notes

A bright and lively blend pays tribute to our gleaming home City, but you can brew it anywhere.


  1. Sally Meredith (verified owner)

    This is the best coffee for me. It has a delightful flavor that is unsurpassed by any other coffee brand. People make fun of me and call me a coffee snob. But I can’t stop drinking this coffee. I live in z Delaware and can’t find anything to replace it. Oh! Wait I’ll never replace it.

  2. randyelvidge (verified owner)

    This is my favorite daily coffee! It’s nice with a light zip and without bitterness. I agree with other reviewers in that it just has a “clean” flavor to it. I prefer a splash of cream and a spoonful (or two) of sugar, while visitors have commented that they love drinking it black. It is great however you fix your coffee.

  3. seojincho77 (verified owner)

    City Blend has been a staple in my family’s coffee routine since 2022, and it consistently earns its place in our cart. I’ve gifted it to friends many times, and it never disappoints. Its clean and floral taste makes it the best light blend coffee ever. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a nice light blend coffee.

  4. Mary glasser

    What a clean, elegant cup! Great way to start the day. My only wish is that it had a “bass note” I add a bit of darker roast to get that, and…perfection!

  5. Vinni LoPresti

    While visiting my sister I had the opportunity to brew the City Blend. Nice light blend. Smooth and floral.

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City Blend