Nicaragua Microlot

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Pear, Juicy, Full, Complex & Smooth


I have always liked Nicaragua coffees but sometimes the best is difficult to find. Not so any more. A company named Gold Mountain Coffee Growers is a group working with many small farmers in Nicaragua and is showcasing some of the nicest coffees I have cupped this year. Gold Mountain is direct trade from the farmer to the roaster. They provide credit to the farmers to allow them to obtain necessities for production as well as technical assistance. This was just a brief summary of what is very extensive and important support for the farmers.

I tasted many different types of processes but I wanted to get a traditional washed coffee that highlighted the best of Nicaragua. I found it! From the farm of Sabina and Maria Jesus I found a few bags only of this wonderful coffee. It is juicy, sweet, notes of pear in both the fragrance and the cup, full, complex, and a long smooth finish It made me smile (not an everyday occurrence at the cupping table these days). I don’t want to oversell it, but I am sure you will enjoy this limited availability selection.


Tasting Notes

Pear, juicy, full, complex, smooth


1400 MASL


  1. Peter (verified owner)

    This one checks all the boxes. Very well balanced with good body. I think I like this more than JBM!

  2. Cindy (verified owner)

    I am from Nicaragua and this coffee exactly embodies what a nice cup of Nicaraguan flavors. It’s simply terrific! It took me back to my childhood

  3. Peter Jordan (verified owner)

    Fantastic, nice find Oren, fragrant with a long finish, certainly bold.

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