Papua New Guinea Arokara AA


Bright, Creamy Body, Light Citrus


This season we have a new offering from the Arokara Co-op. It is Arokara AA. The AA is the largest bean size which makes for the fewest defects and the cleanest, sweetest cup. Grown in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea on the outskirts of a town named Kianantu, each cherry is hand picked and pulped the same day. After a 36 hour fermentation process the coffee is washed with fresh water and then sundried for anywhere between 7-12 days. Once the beans achieve their signature blue- green hue they are ready for shipment.

Tasting Notes

A bright acidity and creamy body. There is a malted caramel aroma with light notes of citrus.


1600 MASL


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Papua New Guinea Arokara AA