Colombia El Diviso Huila Competition Lot

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Bright juicy nectarine, cherry, full body, complex fruitiness but with distinctive flavors and aromas, long finish.


In the world of specialty coffee there are competitions. Brewing competitions, tasting competitions, roasting competitions, even an AeroPress competition. The biggest one of all is the World Barista Competition.

There are baristas, and then there are baristas who compete to become world champion barista. They make perfect espressos and cappuccinos and create a special unique signature drink to present to the judges. They also must have the perfect coffee to use in the competition which is also served to the judges as part of the barista’s presentation. There is specialty grade coffee, and then there is specialty grade coffee for competitions

Some farmers are growing very special coffees that meet the requirements to be used in such a worldwide competition. I had the pleasure of cupping 4 such coffees from Colombia and one stood out among this group of already outstanding coffees. It is from the farm of Nestor and Adrian Lasso in the south of Huila (an area I have visited many times in search of great coffee). Their farm, El Diviso, is 1,780-1,900 m.a.s.l. (high up, where the beans mature slowly for maximum flavor and sweetness). This is a natural process coffee (with special fermentation too) that provides a much fruitier profile than one usually expects from Huila coffee. Honestly, I did not want to like this coffee as much as I did. I wanted the favorite to be a traditional washed process. But my selection process has never been to prejudge the coffee, but always to pick the best cupping coffee regardless of origin, preparation, or price. I expect, if you have read this far, that you have agreed with my methods and enjoyed my coffees. In the event, I loved this coffee and found it totally blew the other (extremely fine) coffees away.

So we have here, for you, a rare competition coffee that stands above other competition coffees. My cupping notes: bright juicy nectarine, cherry, full body, complex fruitiness but with distinctive flavors and aromas, long finish.

This will not be your regular coffee. It is too rare (and too expensive). But if you love coffee and appreciate its differences, you will want to try this coffee. We may be the only people who are selling it retail as opposed to using it to win competitions. It is only being sold in 4 ounce vacuum sealed bags and once our limited supply is gone we won’t be able to get any more.

Please let me know what you think of this coffee. -OREN

*Due to limited quantities and cost, El Diviso Huila is excluded from all coupons, sales and promotions unless otherwise noted.

Tasting Notes

Nectarine, Cherry, Full Body


Latin America
1780-1900 masl
Natural Process with Special Fermentation


  1. Linda Lutzak (verified owner)

    I concur with Oren on the El Diviso Huila specialty selection. I used some loyalty points to splurge on it and was so glad I did so. From opening the pouch to grinding the beans with my manual grinder (a leisurely Sunday treat) to the pouring and tasting, the fragrance and deep mahogany color were wonderful, a unique coffee experience! I am so glad I stumbled upon the little Oren’s storefront in my neighborhood over 20 years ago–I’ve been a loyal customer ever since.

  2. Inna Shyknevsky (verified owner)

    Very unique and delicious. The very pleasant floral taste that remains on the palate lingers for a while and you almost hesitate to take the next sip until it’s nearly gone. This is not a coffee for a busy morning. You really need to make time to sit, relax and enjoy.

  3. ohw7eth (verified owner)

    The floral essence is the primary desirability of this delicious brew. Very pleasing to the palate of a coffee drinker who appreciates the varietal aroma and taste.

  4. pchopson (verified owner)

    Very distinctive. Highly floral nose which seems to be wrapped in the deeply fermented element of the taste. Excellent body. Not an every day cup for me but a nice change of pace.

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Colombia El Diviso Huila Competition Lot