Sumatra Mandheling


thick, smooth, intensely full-bodied, earthiness, low acid


From the Aceh area around Lake Tawar, this is one of the first coffees that helped launch the specialty coffee industry. We originally sourced this coffee from Erna Knutsen — often referred to as the mother of the specialty coffee movement and coffee’s feminist pioneer. This is by far the best Sumatran coffee Oren has found from the area, growing in a region with a very high elevation and humid climate — ideal for growing coffee beans. Taste this coffee and you’ll see why it’s one of Oren’s favorites. In addition to its complex taste profile, it has a rich history and story behind it.

Tasting Notes

Typical of Oren’s favorite region in Sumatra, this coffee is syrupy, with pleasant herbal notes, and backed with muted sweetness.


800 – 1,500 meters above sea level

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Sumatra Mandheling