Penelope’s Blend

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juicy, floral, honey graham


We crafted Penelope’s Blend to create a delicate balance between several of our favorite coffees. This blend contains the sweetness and fragrance from our Colombian, the floral and light honey notes from our Guatemalan and the creaminess of our Kenya, providing just enough bright acidity without being overpowering. This blend also works well as a modern light roast espresso — a much brighter and citrus forward counterpoint to our Beowulf house espresso.

Whether in an orange blossom espresso, or a juicy pour over, Penelope’s Blend makes a cup worth the voyage home.

Tasting Notes

Our Colombian's sweetness & fragrance, Guatemalan's floral & light honey notes, and Kenyan's creaminess.


Latin America


  1. Edward Marcus (verified owner)

    My wife and I are alone, our kids having flown the nest long ago. So I buy coffee just for the two of us, and we enjoy a brew every day. Neither of us qualifies as an expert; we don’t cup or engage in any of the mysterious rites performed by buffs. Nevertheless, we love coffee, and have tried many of Oren’s single coffees and blends. We’ve found many of these agreeable, but we’ve settled on Penelope’s Blend as our favorite. We tend to prefer the Latin American growths featured in this blend, and find the flavor balanced and truly delicious. (Neither of us is adversely affected by caffeine, so we swill fearlessly.) I hope my lack of technical jargon doesn’t disqualify this as a review, but it does reflect our jointly held honest opinion.

  2. paulette kellner

    This is a great blend. The roast is rich and robust but not sharp tasting. It’s a perfect morning wake-up coffee.

  3. Gail Oakley (verified owner)

    I have tried a lot of Oren’s coffees, and I have to say that this is still my favorite!

  4. Gail Oakley (verified owner)

    This is my favorite coffee. I order coffee about every 10-12 days. I always switch it up and try different coffees, but I always make sure I order a bag of Penelope’s Blend.

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Penelope's Blend