Mocha Java Blend

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spicy & sweet, round, smooth


Mocha Java is one the world’s most popular blends, and this is Oren’s take on a traditional favorite. Originally, this historical blend combines Mocha coffee from the Arabian Peninsula and Java coffee from Indonesia. Our blend seeks to produce the same flavors without the more expensive component of Mocha coffee. This brew is incredibly well-rounded with a spicy sweetness that is truly unique. This season it contains 1/2 Ethiopia Sidamo and 1/2 Sumatra Mandheling

Tasting Notes

The brew is incredibly round with a spicy sweetness that is truly unique.




  1. Troy (verified owner)

    Mocha Java has all the vibrant fruitiness of Sidamo combined with the smooth full body of Sumatra. I tend toward single origins, but this blend is one of my favorite coffees of all time.

  2. Peter Jordan (verified owner)

    fruity, finishes with a taste of dark fruit, cherries & currants

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Mocha Java Blend