Oren’s Special Blend Instant


full, complex, molasses

Nothing beats the smell of freshly ground coffee. That’s just a reality. But when that isn’t an option, this is as close as you’ll get. Not a huge coffee drinker, but want something on hand for friends and family? Going on a short trip and need something to hold you over at the hotel? Really exhausted on a Monday morning and just need caffeine in a matter of seconds? OSB Instant is your answer.
Our House Blend has a unique sweetness that’s enhanced by its full body. It consists of 1/3 Colombia, 1/3 Sumatra Mandheling and 1/3 French Roast. Each cup is complex yet smooth and is full of flavor subtleties. It’s a longstanding favorite with many of our customers. Try it and it might become one of your favorites too.
(Instant/6 Single Serve Packages Per A Box)


Tasting Notes

Our unique roaster and obsessive sourcing give this blend a complex, full taste, without overpowering each coffee’s subtleties


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Oren’s Special Blend Instant