Oren’s Special Blend Instant

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full, complex, molasses

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Nothing beats the smell of freshly ground coffee. That’s just a reality. But when that isn’t an option, this is as close as you’ll get. Not a huge coffee drinker, but want something on hand for friends and family? Going on a short trip and need something to hold you over at the hotel? Really exhausted on a Monday morning and just need caffeine in a matter of seconds? OSB Instant is your answer.

Our House Blend has a unique sweetness that’s enhanced by its full body. It consists of 1/3 Colombia, 1/3 Sumatra Mandheling and 1/3 French Roast. Each cup is complex yet smooth and is full of flavor subtleties. It’s a longstanding favorite with many of our customers. Try it and it might become one of your favorites too.

6 Single Serve Packages Per Box

Tasting Notes

Our unique roaster and obsessive sourcing give this blend a complex, full taste, without overpowering each coffee’s subtleties


  1. Sal Vittorio

    I drink instant coffee only under the most unusual circumstances. I happened to be in an Oren’s store and bought a 1/2 lb of Kenya Ngyeri Hill, and then saw a box of this and thought I’d give it a try. By far, the best instant coffee I’ve ever had; it doesn’t taste like instant coffee at all! However, along with it came the sticker shock: $14 for just six servings? Wow!! At that price, the remaining five envelopes will be reserved for next time if and when I’m traveling. Then, it’ll be worth it!

  2. Hallie Davidsen

    My favorite coffee. Actually take it with me when I travel!

  3. Marshall Cohen

    Its simple. This is my go to coffee. I order it 100% of the time. Starts my day perfectly.

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Oren’s Special Blend Instant