Jamaica Blue Mountain

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Smooth, Medium/Full Body, Green Apple Acidity, Sweet and Fair Complexity


Jamaica Blue Mountain is world renowned for its perfect balance of flavor, body, aroma and acidity. The coffee of James Bond is smooth and flavorful while being slightly nutty. This is one of the world’s rarest coffees.

Oren’s proudly offers this extremely limited lot exclusively as whole beans in 8oz packaging.

Tasting Notes

Smooth, Medium/Full Body, Green Apple Acidity, Sweet and Fair Complexity


Latin America


  1. Peter Jordan (verified owner)

    Fabulous, rich, creamy, nutty

  2. Cindy Tangorra (verified owner)

    Jamaican Blue Mountain is the best coffee in the world. Since the beans that produce this amazing coffee are so rare, growing and roasting these exquisite beans comes with a high cost that can make the casual coffee drinker shocked by the price tag.

    I’ve tried many roasters through the years and Oren’s Jamaican Blue Mountain is by far one of the best harvested and roasted Jamaican Blue Mountain beans. I would highly recommend trying it — just be prepared to get hooked! This will not replace your regular everyday joe, but it’s an amazing treat to enjoy on special occasions or holidays. Your taste buds will thank you! 😉

  3. Evan Dick (verified owner)

    When my order for your Jamaican Blue Mountain arrived, I took apart my grinder (Baratzu Virtuoso) and all cleaned all the parts. Then I made my first cup – exquisite! It was THAT much better than everything else. To me, this is the rare coffee that tastes every bit as good as its aroma.

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Jamaica Blue Mountain