Beowulf Espresso Blend

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dark chocolate, caramel, citron


One of Oren’s earlier creations, the Northern Italian style blend has been our house espresso since 1986 and is our most fine-tuned dark roast. This blend is a mixture of 1/2 French Roast Colombia and 1/2 Kenya. It’s the perfect end to a meal. When brewed as cold brew Beowulf’s flavors deepen and have a luscious mouth feel.



Tasting Notes

Sweet and rich, this cold brew pairs beautifully with any milk.


Latin America/Africa


  1. Sam Merrell (verified owner)

    Also our go-to, for the last, like, ten years!

    For additional coffee delight and goodness, toss in just a dash of one of the fruity Ethiopians…

  2. arimonias (verified owner)

    Always available… cold brew and espresso!
    Non oily bean which is great for our Jura machine. Always on hand .

  3. scottfrankk

    Different than the lighter, sweeter espressos that are fashionable now, the beowulf makes a great darker, full-bodied shot of espresso. It’s adaptable so you can brew it however you like, but it tastes best concentrated, so use a mocha pot or an espresso machine.

  4. gregorious.winter (verified owner)

    Look no further because Beowulf is the best espresso blend, period. For the past 8 years, I’ve begun my day with a piping hot Beowulf Moka Pot- grind #5- with steamed milk. The taste is sublime and I’ve never grown tired of it. I’ve also used Beowulf as a drip coffee with a coarser grind and it’s wonderful. It’s such a versatile blend that can be enjoyed no matter how you prepare your coffee. I love it so much.

  5. Richard Nodell (verified owner)

    Once we discovered Beowulf Blend several years ago, we have it our house coffee. We take it with us on vacation and give it as gifts to friends and family .

  6. cspurlockmail (verified owner)

    Excellent espresso blend! I was looking for a non oily darker bean that would not clog my machine. They have super fast shipping as well. If you’re on the fence about trying this coffee you won’t be sorry.

  7. Esra Neale (verified owner)

    This is our go to espresso blend. This is the blend we compare everything to. Robust flavor without the over roasted taste! Perfection.

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Beowulf Espresso Blend