Orens is now Certified Kosher

January 11, 2023
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Dear Friends of Oren’s Coffee,

One of the things I learned working at Saks was that it was easier to sell the best than a lesser quality. So that is what the company was founded on—top quality. We bought our coffees from San Francisco rather than New York because that is where the best coffees were being imported then.

We were unique in that our blends were made of the same superior quality coffees that we sold as straight single origins on our shelves. We have no secret blends. All our coffees are top quality, fresh, perfectly roasted and sold at reasonable prices. No one could match what we were doing. Certainly not at the price we were charging.

And now 37 years later we are still doing exactly that. The finest beans, freshly roasted and reasonably priced. Others have tried to replicate – but they just can’t make it work without sacrificing quality and raising prices.

We are happy to share we are now certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. In the coming weeks you will see our labels incorporating the OU symbol. While coffee is intrinsically kosher, it is nice to finally be able to assure all our customers that our entire roasting facility has been inspected and certified able to produce kosher coffees. 

Thank you for reading this and for being loyal customers of Oren’s Coffee.

Oren & Team


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