Guatemala Santa Rosa Los Alamos SHB

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Apple Fragrance, Sweet, Full Buttery Body


Found in the Department of Jalapa in Eastern Guatemala, not normally known for it’s coffee, a bright, balanced, buttery example of what a fine coffee should be. This rare find is SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) means the highest growing elevation for the sweetest and most complex coffee. A blend from seven dedicated farmers.

Tasting Notes

Apple Fragrance, Sweet, Full Buttery Body


Cuilapa, Santa Maria Ixhuatan; Santa Cruz Naranjo, Ayarza; Jalapa, San Pedro Pinula
1,500–1,700 MASL
Caturra, Catuai, Mundo Novo, Bourbon


  1. Oren Auslin (verified owner)

    Really bold, dark chocolate profile.

  2. Janis White (verified owner)

    We have been drinking Guatemala Antigua for as long as I can remember. When it isn’t available, we are forced to try other options. This one is almost as good as Antigua. Great body and flavor. Drinking it right now!

  3. Mary glasser (verified owner)

    I’ve been drinking this wonderful SHB for several months – one sip was enough to get my full attention and appreciation. It’s simply totally satisfying, deep and clean, a perfect wake-up. Just opened my next pound after this morning’s mug. Goes great with biscotti, eggs, whatever I’m having. I love this coffee (guess you knew that already). And yes, I left a review in July…but it continues to delight so I’m back to tell you so.

  4. Kristin Kane (verified owner)

    I’ve always loved Guatemala Antigua since the first time I experienced it freshly roasted, ground and brewed in my 20’s. It was hard to find until I came across Orens and gave it a try, and it did not disappoint. Now my new favorite is the Santa Rosa Los Alamos SHB!! What a smooth, flavorful coffee, can’t start my morning without. I don’t buy my coffee beans anywhere else but thru Orens, never disappoints no matter what I buy!!!!

  5. Troy (verified owner)

    Excellent. Unusually full-bodied for a coffee from the Americas. Velvety smooth and nutty.

  6. gabriellewise (verified owner)

    This coffee is unusually luscious. I’ve experienced a myriad of coffees from just about everywhere and the smooth milk chocolate and butter flavors, subtle green apple nuances and delicate earthiness here are a fresh and new flavor profile for me. Besides the taste, buttery applies to the the texture as well; the full body is beautifully creamy and not at all heavy, it floats on the palette and and goes down like a custard.

  7. Charles Finnegan (verified owner)

    I ordered this coffee for myself and my best friend and personal arborist of 30 years for his birthday. He called me after his first brew raving about the wonderful flavor. I agreed with him about the great flavor and felt good about my selection of this coffee as a gift for my friend.

  8. mary glasser

    One of the very best offers I’ve had in, well, forever. Balanced, bold but nuanced, and simply yummy! A magnificent way to start my morning.

  9. Vinni LoPresti (verified owner)

    This was love at first sip. Buttery is the perfect description. Oren you knocked this one out of the park. Just ordered 2 pounds. Keep this one coming.

  10. Gail Oakley (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this coffee! Very creamy body and it taste amazing. This might be my new favorite.

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