Burundi Turihamwe

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sweet honeydew melon, floral, complex


*NEW 2024 CROP*   I have always loved coffees from Burundi. They are all the old Bourbon varietal tree that produces the sweetest, juiciest, most complete coffee. I visited there 9 years ago and I sent one of my staff there years earlier to search for great coffee after the political situation calmed down. I met an exporter there who held the same ideals as I as far as the farmers actually benefiting from their labor. Most of the selections we have had over the years from Burundi have been from Jeanine.

This most recent arrival is called Turihamwe. The farmers are all women who financed and built their own wet mill to control quality and to make more profit for themselves and their families. They were able to do this because roasters, including us, pay big premiums for their coffee. Then the exporter actually pays this premium to the farmers instead of keeping it for herself (farmers all too often get cheated out of their fair share by unscrupulous middlemen). That is why it is so important to know people we can trust in the supply chain.

The Turihamwe possesses all the fabulous qualities that I love in coffee. Great sweetness, floral aroma, and nice delicate complexity. It won’t disappoint.

Tasting Notes

Great sweetness, floral aroma, and nice delicate complexity.


Ngozi Province
1750 MASL


  1. John Gravss (verified owner)

    Delicious coffee you can have every morning.

  2. Johnny (verified owner)

    Delicious coffee! Defintiely getting again.

  3. Jonathan Chuzi (verified owner)

    Outstanding coffee. Very smooth and rich! Please keep it in stock!

  4. szupeilee (verified owner)

    Please bring it back in stock. I love the smoothness and flavors of this coffee.

  5. VITA VULTAGGIO (verified owner)

    Burundi is our favorite morning coffee. It is smooth with a strong flavor. We order this coffee in every order that it is available.

  6. VITA VULTAGGIO (verified owner)

    Burundi Turihamwe is our favorite morning coffee. It is smooth with a strong flavor. We order this in every order that it is available.

  7. Charles Finnegan (verified owner)

    I purchased two lbs of the Burundi Turihamwe because I was intrigued by Oren’s description and the exotic-sounding name. My intuition was richly rewarded from the first brew. I am buying more today!

  8. szupeilee (verified owner)

    Great aroma and very smooth taste.

  9. Gail Oakley (verified owner)

    Just received my second order of this coffee. Still love it just as much as I did the first time. I’m happy that it is the same blend.

  10. Gail Oakley (verified owner)

    Nice tasting coffee, nice and sweet as a drip coffee

  11. Krystina Keller (verified owner)

    Burundi Turihamwe has a great smooth taste that works well with cream or black. Excellent with pastry or on its own.

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Burundi Turihamwe