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How Coffee Processing Affects Flavor

Today I would like to tell you a little about coffee preparation at origin.  There are two major (and some minor) processes to get the fresh coffee cherry to the exportable ‘green’ stage.  One is called Washed and the other is called Natural or Dry process.  There are also, currently, about a dozen other new preparations done with or without oxygen, with different microbes, different temperatures, and more.  Mostly these processes are confined to very small quantities of from just ten to a couple of hundred pounds.  We won’t be concerned with these for the moment (if ever).  The Washed

How a Severe Frost in Brazil Catalyzed Specialty Coffee Today

When there were 5 consecutive nights of very cold weather in August of 1975, it not only killed the coffee cherries (where our coffee beans come from) but it also killed the leaves and even the coffee trees themselves. This caused not only an immediate shortfall of coffee but a shortage for years to come as it takes new coffee trees 3 to 5 years to be productive. This became known in the world of coffee as the Black Frost of ’75.

Why I Roast My Own Coffee

It was 1979 and I was working at Saks Fifth Avenue. I had already decided that working corporate wasn’t for me…

What is your favorite coffee?

I have been asked that question countless times since we opened in February of 1986. And I always have to qualify my answers. Are we talking about my favorite coffee of all time? Or my favorite coffee this season? My favorite type of process of the coffee? My favorite characteristics? What?

Orens is now Certified Kosher

We are happy to share we are now certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. In the coming weeks you will see our labels incorporating the OU symbol. While coffee is intrinsically kosher, it is nice to finally be able to assure all our customers that our entire roasting facility has been inspected and certified able to produce kosher coffees. 

Oren’s tips for great brews

Here are a few tips to making great coffee at home. If all these are already in your repertoire I applaud you and look forward to sharing more with you later (just check them out to be sure you are doing them all). For the rest of us, here are some easy, yet crucial, tips on brewing at home.

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