Guatemala Quiche


Sweet, Smooth, Bright, Nice Depth


Our Guatemalan offering comes from the San Fransisco Cotzal Farm. Quiche is renown for having rich volcanic soil with cool evenings and a very low humidity level. This creates a slow maturation process allowing the sugars to mature in the fruit.

San Fransisco Cotzal Farm processes their coffees with a washed process. The fruit and skin are removed mechanically. The beans are then put in  fermentation tanks for 24 to 36 hours (depending on the weather) to remove the sticky mucilage. The beans are then dried on patios in the sun. 

We love the low acidity and nutty sweetness of this particular lot. We would classify this as a medium roast with notes of almond and sweet honey.

Tasting Notes

Classified as a medium roast with notes of almond, sweet honey, and low acidity.


Latin America
1,400 meters above sea level

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Guatemala Quiche