Bali Kintamani

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citrus, chocolate, fruit

Kintamani coffees are grown in the Northern Highlands of Bali, primarily between two volcanoes – Batukaru and Agung. Rich volcanic soil and high elevations are the perfect conditions for coffee growth. Farmers plant fruit trees through the coffee groves lending a lush fruity note to the aroma. Wet processed and fermented, the first sip is sweet citrus and chocolate with a clean finish. Kintamani coffee is naturally lower in acidity and slightly lighter in caffeine as well.

The farmers in this region abide by the “Subak Abian” farming system. The Subak Abian system (or ritual if you will) is based on Tri Hit Karana philosophy which is rooted in Hinduism. Tri Hit Karana translates to the “three sources of prosperity” and the healthy relationship between man and the environment, man and his fellow man, and man and God. Farmers following this ideal respect the land by refusing to use pesticides, insecticides and any other harmful chemicals to produce exceptional coffee.

Tasting Notes

The first sip is sweet citrus and chocolate with a clean finish.


Northern Highlands of Bali
1,500 meters above sea level


  1. Krystina Keller (verified owner)

    We love Balinese coffees and are thrilled that Oren’s has this selection now. The rich flavor and surprisingly low acidity make it perfect black or with milk.

    • Velma Wachausen

      Thank you! We are super excited that Oren found this special coffee.

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