Anniversary Blend


Our Anniversary Blend 2022


We are very proud that we have always set, and maintained, the highest quality standards for our beans. We did it in 1986 when we trucked coffee from San Francisco where the best coffees were being imported at the time. And we continue to do it today where we are frequently buying from the farmers or trusted agents to make sure the farmer is being paid a premium for his/her fine coffee.

Our Anniversary Blend 2022 is a blend of one third each:  Ethiopia Sidamo (Natural), Papua New Guinea (a washed coffee), and French Roasted Colombia. This is the equivalent of a “Mocha Java and French Roast” blend. A blend that was very frequently requested during our first year in business. Our own Oren’s Special Blend is a version of this formula of: one third acidity, one third body, and one third deep caramel finish.

So our Anniversary Blend is fruity with a full body and nice dark caramel finish.

Tasting Notes

Raspberry Jam, Citrus, Caramel, Bittersweet Chocolate


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